The issuing of Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) is the most successful method of protecting parking areas from improper use. They avoid the confrontational aspects of vehicle immobilisation but still provide an effective deterrent against parking abuse.

Motorists have 28 days to make payment either with our dedicated contact centre or online through our payment portal. Payments received within 14 days are subject to a prompt-payment discount (7 days if PCN is manually issued). If a motorist disputes any PCN then they have recourse to a full appeals procedure, as outlined by our governing body the International Parking Community (IPC).

As a member of the International Parking Community Accredited Operator Scheme (IPC AOS) we are able to request vehicle keeper details from the DVLA. This means that where we receive no contact following a PCN being issued we have the facility to pursue vehicle keepers for payment, ensuring that parking regulations remain respected and effective.